Anti Obesity Day Kolkata

Obesity has turned into a menace for all who loves having junk foods. The smaller children are the ones who are mostly affected by this curse as they are the common lovers of junk foods. Besides the fact that the junk foods are unhealthy, the same even results in developing a chunk of fat in several parts of your body making you look unattractive. However, junk foods are not the only reason behind the obesity. Few others might become fat due to diabetes or other forms of health issues. Now is the time to pledge against obesity. Soumen’s workout which is a renowned Fitness Centre of Kolkata has pledged to fight against obesity.


On the Occasion of the Anti Obesity Day Kolkata on the 26th of November, 2016, Soumen’s Workout has decided to resume a rally from Esplanade. The reason behind this rally is healthier and better lifestyle.This Anti Obesity Day Kolkata, Our focus would be on joining hands for a fitter Kolkata, especially the Children who are the future pillars of the nation. Come along with your family and friends to support this rally thereby making the program a success. Soumen’s workout has always tried to look after your healthy and safer living standards. We are a reputed Slimming center of Kolkata and the rally is to make you more aware of our client services towards healthy living.

There are certain tips that reduce the incidence of obesity, amongst which a routine exercise, yoga, free-hand and walk or jogging is a must. These are few minuet specifications that help in your healthy living. The trouble of growing fat can soon be reduced to a daily routine walk and few simple exercises. Moreover, Our Aerobics Classes are thus designed for an initiative to spread the news of healthy living and fight obesity. The children are the ones who are mostly affected by obesity and thus, the proposed rally would possibly make them aware of the need and the ways to remain fit and sound.

We believe in the fact that recommended exercises should fit the body-type. Soumen’s Workout houses an experienced set of Personal Fitness Trainer who would train you in living a healthy and fit life. The offered services can be at your place or at any of our centers. You would be able to come across and interact with each of our trainers during the 26th November Anti Obesity Day Kolkata rally. In order to gift your child a smile for the lifetime, we would urge you to come and join hands in our rally for a healthy living. Similar initiatives are hard to find across Kolkata despite being a knowledgeable event.

Without your support, our event would be incomplete and since we all love children, it would be worthy on your part be a part of this rally. We are proud to be the best Fitness Centre in Kolkata working on the faith that no machine training can even help you to stay fit for years. We will be extremely happy and obliged if you wholeheartedly participate in this venture to turn it into a huge success.

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