World No Tobacco Day Kolkata

Soumen’s workout has planned an awareness initiative to drive away the menace of Tobacco amongst most of the people of Kolkata. World No Tobacco Day Kolkata. On the occasion of the World No Tobacco Day on the 31st May 2017, our Organization has decided upon the conduct of a rally which will resume from Esplanade. This Anti-tobacco program Kolkata is a newer venture to develop the awareness among all the citizens of the Kolkata suffering from the disease called lust for Tobacco. The issue of lust for Tobacco has been a nightmare in the modern times and is recently increasing at an alarming rate. But, only a few of us take the initiative to curb the issue.

The Esplanade rally Kolkata is mainly designed to develop awareness against the poisonous intake of Tobacco. Our Youth who are the pillars of the nation rather our future protectors are themselves at a life risk, as a result of this harmful intake. The proposed rally is thus to educate the people of Kolkata to live a healthy and fit life that is sans any impure substances within our body. A similar initiative is rare to detect in Kolkata which is thus a must watch and visit by all of you.

Our only urge through this rally is to support us to shape the pillars of the nation. The World No Tobacco day, Kolkata is thus the best day to proclaim to the crowd to be avoiding any such substances that could harm the body or our future growth. The rally kick-starts from the Esplanade and will end up reaching the Victoria Memorial Hall. We would ask all of you to come out and support this noble cause to make Kolkata a Tobacco-Free zone. Come along with your friends and family to walk for the campaign and save the future health the children. World No Tobacco Day Kolkata.

The Soumen’s workout has branches in several places wherein we train all our clients to live a healthier and fitter life. Our USP lies in the fact that we prefer to train people in a complete No-Machine zone. This initiative is wholly new in Kolkata, which is thus an added USP that our workout has taken up. All of you are cordially invited in this pledge towards a healthy living. Remember, this Anti-tobacco program is to save our future pillars of the nation and save them from being harmed from the intake of Tobacco  or any other similar substances. World No Tobacco Day Kolkata.

At our centers, we have planned a result drive approach to turn Kolkata into a fitter place to reside. The harmful effects of this intake are what we should be aware off.  Also, we must ensure the fact that whatever steps we undertake to live freely, should be long-lasting. The so-called substitutes for healthy living are sure to have an adverse impact on us, which we all should be aware off. So this World No Tobacco Day  esplanade rally, Kolkata is to preserve our body, like a temple. Remember, this cause is towards:

A better health and a better living

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