Yes, you have heard it right. We at the Soumen’s workout believe in the No Machine Workout Kolkata which is actually a unique element in the heart of Kolkata. The common factor here is to life as many weight as possible just to turn your body into an attractive shape. But have you ever thought if the same leaves a lasting impression even if you do not hit the gym for a couple of months? Does your stamina remain the same if you turn into a lazy lad and do not exercise or do not weight-lift for days at a stretch? The answer would surely be a big NO. However, at the Soumen’s workout, the faith lies in ensuring that your stamina is long-lasting and make you fit and healthy for days at a stretch. Possibly this faith has turned the Soumen’s workout into the best and most sought workout without machine centre in Kolkata.


Our constant drive in preserving our uniqueness of being the frontrunner for being the No Machine Workout Kolkata, have been forwarded by our experts. We train our dear clients mostly several free-hand exercises and Yoga. No weight lifting or machine usage helps in preserving the unique body shapes and makes you look attractive. In place of weight lifting, our drive is naturally shaped your figure in a way that you have always dreamt off.  The Soumen’s gym is one of its kind workouts without machine zone of Kolkata that houses as much as 55,000 happy customers and increasing.

In the current rage of the increasing use of machines, how many of us would stop by to think to involve in Yoga or similar practice as an alternative to machines. The Soumen’s Workout has had the courage to think otherwise to shape itself as the best No machine Workout Kolkata. This uniqueness has helped in sooner develop a stronger market presence and regain the faith upon mere simple exercises and Yoga or aerobics. The Soumen’s Workout has proved that workout without a machine is a unique idea that Kolkata has ever experienced. It has thus successfully proved that:

Nothing Is Impossible

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