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According to Soumen, fat reduction is totally brainwork. It is a science. So to reduce fat one has to find not just a proper place to do workout but also a proper guru. So, firstly one has to find a proper guru who would analyse you and design your workout so that you can lose a lot in a short span of time…

Obesity leads to frustration which in turn leads to over eating in most of the cases. So relax and just find yourself good instructor and try to start workout immediately.Late working hours and irregular eating habits, due to job nature is a cause for the rising need for exercising. Many ladies put on weight after the birth of their baby. So, every lady should join workout after 3 to 4 months of baby birth but after consulting their gynecologist. Then the instructor should design their workout but initially the intensity should be low. Now small children tend to put on weight. This fat is a bit stubborn in nature. These children should indulge in either swimming or lawn tennis or workout with “SOUMEN’S Workout” which is very effective for small children.

People with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol should do workout. If one can do workout everyday then 90% of the problem will be solved.Persons who are too much overweight and have cervical pain, lumbar pain or knee joint pain must reduce weight and simultaneously do strengthening exercise for their particular pain. So for these types of patients exercise is a must, with a proper guru.

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