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  • 72 Beckbagan Row, Park Circus, BallygaungeOpposite Quest Mall Gate No.5 Kolkata

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    Soumen’s Workout Park Circus is situated at 72 Beckbagan Row, Park Circus, Ballygaunge opposite Quest Mall Gate No.5 Kolkata. If you are searching for the Best fitness solutions near your doorsteps in Park Circus, Soumen’s Workout in Park Circus is the best option for you. Soumen’s Workout Park Circus is blessed with the most efficient Personal Fitness trainer in Kolkata.

    The fully A/C Hall rooms of Soumen’s Workout provide the ultimate fitness experience. Soumen’s Workout is renowned as the Best Fitness Center in Park Circus Kolkata. Soumen’s Workout has more than 11 Branches spread all over Kolkata. Soumen’s Workout is providing the Best Fitness and Slimming solutions to Fitness Lovers in Kolkata. With an experience of more than 17 years, Soumen’s Workout has been acclaimed as the Number 1 position in the Fitness solution.

    Soumen’s Workout is completely a no Machine Zone, here the grooming of physics is done without any machines. It is totally a body-exercising concept. We provide the Best Weight Management Classes (weight loss center in park circus ), best power yoga classes, best height growth classes, best pilates classes, best personality development ideas, zumba classes in Park Circusslimming Center in Park Circus, aerobics classes in Park Circus, yoga classes in Park Circus, gym in Park Circus, yoga classes for children in Park Circus Kolkata.

    According to Soumen, fat reduction is totally brainwork. It is a science. So to reduce fat one has to find not just a proper place to do workouts but also a proper guru. So, firstly one has to find a proper guru who would analyze you and design your workout so that you can lose a lot in a short span of time…