Soumen’s Workout is commonly termed to be the Best Personal Fitness Trainer Kolkata, running successfully for a period of 17 years. Our fitness center has been serving over 50,000 clients in Aerobics, Yoga, and Weight loss sessions. Soumen’s Workout strictly abides by the No-machine regimen and believes more on free-hand exercises. Such services are unique in Kolkata for which the current workout zone is most loved by the Kolkatans. The service range in Fitness Training ranges from the Corporate Group Classes, Big Apartments Group Classes, and Home case. Soumen’s Workout even houses Masseurs for deep therapy massages.

Unlike services that are offered by the other providers, Soumen’s Workout provides the facility of free demo classes for at least 20 clients. We take wholehearted care in offering services to one and all such that they remain fit and healthy. In the legacy of 17 years, we have developed a happy client base of 50,000 people. However, prior to training, our experts prefer explaining the need for the recommended treatment such that you are aware of its future. The latter service facility has turned the Soumen’s Workout into being the Best Personal Fitness Trainer Kolkata. Thanks to our trainers who are experienced enough to serve you exactly as required for your body-type.

Soumen’s Workout has even trained masseurs for messages. The trained experts help in rejuvenating your body via the application of the deep therapy massages. We promise that you would quickly feel relax, once after availing our services. Our legacy of being the Best Personal Fitness Trainer in Kolkata is carried forward by each and every trainer who is constantly toiling hard to serve the clients. To experience our supreme level of care services, drop in at our centers to feel the need for healthy living. The better you are able to stay fit, the higher the chances of being away from any health threats.

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