How many of you have practised crash diets to loose weight? Have you tried yoga or simple exercises to regain the shape of your youth? The latter technique is exactly followed at the Soumen’s Workout as that is our unique nature. We have been termed as the Best Weight loss centre in Kolkata and the same is the joint effort of the entire team of fitness professionals. We have been recently award by a renowned committee for our outstanding contribution in the field of fitness. Our strict and disciplined regimen is sans any crash diet or hard weight lifting instead is based on workouts and free-hand exercises. Such a form of weight loss centre that houses several experienced dieticians for offering expert suggestions is hard to detect in Kolkata. The Soumen’s workout is one of its kinds that have successfully made a mark in Kolkata.



We have operating since 17 years at a stretch and from its inception we believe in making a long-lasting impression in the profession as well as in the mind of our clients’ mind and body. We have been successful in our venture by shaping the outlook of all the 55,000 clients. However, our weight loss regimen is unlike the ones that are often prescribed by the rest. We believe in healthy living and eating. We believe in yoga, aerobics and few minor exercises that involve no-machine at all. We are proud to be the best weight loss centre in Kolkata. However, for being the weight loss centre of Kolkata into this stature, each of our experts puts in enough effort in understanding the body shape of each of the clients. This is yet another method of client satisfaction.

Remember to remain simple and practise simple steps to loose weight rather than pain yourself. You are free to visit any of our centres to know the care that we out in shaping the outlook of each of our clients. No wonder we are in the top league of being the best weight loss centre in Kolkata. Several centres would proclaim to be the best that work proves who the best weight loss centre of Kolkata is. At the Soumen’s Workout, you would surely love to loose weight.

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