3 exercises for ceasarian mothers

  • By Soumen Workout
  • February 23, 2022

Walking is a very good exercise for the caesarian mothers. It stimulates bloodflow throughout the body. For a recent c-section mother should always start workout after min 6 to 8 weeks with less intensity workout like walking inside your house or on the terrace. U shud also go few ab exercises but low intensity workout.Low intensity ab exercise is to stand straight with slightly wide open legs and pull your abs inside and hold your breathy for few seconds and do continue for 3 to 4 times a day. It will help you a lot for ab muscle strengthening and tummy workout.

   Those mothers who do not have c-section tummy and wants to reduce saggy tummy and worried for your tummy reduction shud always go for tummy ab exercises. If your tummy is saggy at that time if you try for any cardio workout or dieting it won’t work.So you should go for ab tummy workout.


Lie straight on the ground , fold both the legs together , then put both the hands on your head and lift your body slightly .Do count for 30 repititions for 3 to 4 sets a day.


Lie on your front and lift the entire body from the feet to your chest part on your elbows. Now pull your abs inside and hold your breathy for few seconds. Do 16 counting for 6 sets a day.

3. Bhujanga Ashana

Whenever you do have a saggy time there is a problem of waist line paw. So you shud strengthen your waist line thru Bhujango Ashana everyday for 16 county at least 8 to 10 sets.

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