5 Best Exercises for Hypertension in kolkata, India

  • By Soumen Workout
  • October 5, 2023

Exercise not only lowers high blood pressure, often known as hypertension, but also helps you maintain a healthy weight, build a stronger heart, and reduce stress. Exercise has its greatest impacts during and right after a workout. The greatest impact on blood pressure reduction may occur immediately following a good workout. Usually, hypertension develops over a period of years. Typically, no symptoms are present. High blood pressure can harm your blood vessels and organs, including the brain, heart, eyes, and kidneys, even if you don’t experience any symptoms.

Your blood pressure may be dramatically lowered by making minor lifestyle adjustments including eating low sodium food, consuming less alcohol, giving up smoking and exercising frequently. Developing a regular workout routine helps reduce your blood pressure. Additionally, it increases your vitality and is a fantastic technique to reduce stress and feel better.

1)Aerobics: Exercises that are repeated and rhythmic are known as aerobics, and they engage your heart, lungs, blood vessels, and muscles. They make use of the powerful muscular groups in your body, including the ones in your arms, shoulders, and legs. Aerobic exercises include swimming, dancing, walking, and jogging.

2)Planks: On the ground, legs extended, elbows stacked exactly beneath shoulders. Your elbows and toes should support your weight. Make your entire body tense by contracting your glutes and core. Consider drawing your belly button towards your spine. Contract your rhomboids, lats, and low back. Avoid allowing your pelvis or butt to lift or fall; keep your back upright.

3)V sit: V-sit Abs exercises strengthen your core muscles by working multiple areas of your core simultaneously while challenging your balance. For this exercise, sit with your legs straight and your upper body off the floor so that your body is in its V shape. For beginners, they can modify it with their hands for a little support or they can do it with their legs bent.

4)Glute Bridge: Lay on your back with your legs bent and your hands by your sides. While maintaining your back straight, lift your hips off the mat. Once the set is finished, return to the beginning position and repeat.

5)Calf Raises: One of the most well-liked and efficient workouts for strengthening your calves is the calf raise. Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, elevate your heels off the ground, hold for a second, and then descend back down to complete a calf raise.

6)Wall Squat: With your back against a wall and your thighs parallel to the floor, begin in a squat position.
Maintain this posture for 17 counts.

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