6 Best exercises for Gastric Problem in Kolkata, India

  • By Soumen Workout
  • October 27, 2023

Bloating may be very difficult to manage and can be extremely unpleasant. Gas, and the stomach aches that go along with it. No matter where you are, it may be a rather unsettling feeling that frequently makes you want to curl up in a ball. Ingestion or incomplete digestion of food might cause a stomach issue. A huge portion of the food is wasted by your digestive system rather than being converted into nourishment. Look no further than Soumen’s Workout! Discover the best exercises for gastric problem in Kolkataexercises for gastric problem in India, and take control of your health today.  Join Soumen’s Workout now.

Yoga can help us fight off the effects of illnesses. In addition to being a mood enhancer, yoga helps the body’s organs perform better and lessens pain and suffering in any region of the body. Yoga can be an amazing solution to gastric problems and other digestive issues. Some Yoga poses to ease us from gastric problems are:

1)Apanasana: Put your hands on your knees, relax, and take a deep breath. Hug your knees to your chest as you exhale. To get the most stretch, rock your knees side to side. Release your knees after remaining for five to ten breaths. Repetition of this yoga pose must be continued.

2)Uttanasana: Standing with a gap between your feet, slant your waist forward. Placing your hands on the ground while maintaining a straight back.

3)Spinal Twist: Inhale as you lie down and hug your knees. Kneel down to the left and softly press them down with your left hand as you exhale. Next, turn to the right and extend your right arm. For eight to twelve breaths, remain still. Inhale, then reposition your hands and knees in the middle. On the opposite side, repeat.

4)Ananda Balasana: Lie down supine over a mat on your back. Bend your knees towards your chest as you exhale. Try gripping the thumb of each foot with its corresponding hand. Hold on to this posture for a few seconds while breathing normally before letting go. Set yourself free to return to the beginning position by taking a breath.

5)Balasana: Kneel in or flexed kneeling and sit back on your heels. Let out a breath to begin. At shoulder height, extend your hands into the air perpendicularly. To begin bending forward till your forehead reaches the floor, flex your hips. Hold this for a few breaths while breathing normally, then exhale and return to the starting position.

6)Anjaneyasana: As you exhale, move your right foot forward between your hands while still in the downward dog. The top of your left foot should be on the ground as you bring your left knee to the floor. Take a deep breath in, raise your body, and extend your arms overhead and out to the sides. Then hold the position for another 30 seconds. Take a deep breath out, put your hands on the ground, raise your left leg, take a step back, and then resume the downward dog position. Continue with the other leg.

Soumens Workout, the biggest fitness and slimming centre in Kolkata and India specializes in workouts for gastric problems. We have had fitness centres throughout India for the last 26 years.

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