• By Soumen Workout
  • April 7, 2022

Too much exercise in childhood can hamper the effective working of child’s immune system and also effect on child’s growth.

If your child is gaining weight is definitely a big problem but gym is not a proper solution. So if you want your child’s fitness do send to the playground or sent for tennis or swimming or cycling.

If the child goes to gym it will hamper the child’s growth, hamper the brain as well as can serve muscle damage.

If the parents think of fitness for their small children should send them for physical workout which won’t harm anything like Aerobics, Karate, Zumba or any form of dance activity.These exercises will keep the child to be flexible with full strength and tonned.The more the child is flexible the more the lighter he or she will feel and reduce the extra weight.

Children will always love to have a workout that is a team activity. When they will do together they will really enjoy doing the session. Their classes should be designed in a playing mood so that they enjoy doing it.

Children should not go for dieting.They should take healthy food but not dieting. A proper exercising with proper healthy foods is enough for them to reduce weight.

Soumen’s Workout is specialized for child obesity and height growth for children throughout India. It is designed according to the child’s medical problem and age.We are the pioneers of fitness and slimming center in india

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Article Published at Anandabazar Patrika
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