Workout for 40’s In kolkata, India

  • By Soumen Workout
  • June 3, 2022

Workout at the age of 40’s is a must for everyone. This transition can get all the more traumatic after entering forties with inactive life style. Blood pressure , poor heart health , Osteoporisis are some of the common problems that can grip you. While no amount of rigorous exercising can stop your aging but can be slowed down with active life style process.Once you turn 40 one percent muscle man loss in every year starts called sacrophina. To prevent this loss the right type of exercises can help you a lot.

Over Exercising too bad for the age of 40’s

Overexercising is bad and less exercising is odd. This should always be taken care for those above 40’s. Many of them think if the jog or walk more for 1 hr or 2 hr they are fit more. Its a wrong idea. Above the age of 40’s one should always do workout under a proper trainer who can understand your energy level and knows of your medical problems.

This transition time at the age of 40’s get all the more traumatic if your life style is not proper. Blood pressure , blood sugar , poor heart , health, osteoporosis are some of the health issues that can grip in.

Exercising can slow down your ageing factor with a proper life style. Once you turn 40 one percent of muscle loss is there every year. This make your body saggy or loose and easily ageing factor comes. So if one goes for exercising this type of muscle loss can be avoided.

Flexibility- Working for flexibility gets imperative after 40’s. The more you are flexible the more your body becomes lighter. Soumen the fitness guru says stretching workout must for you for improving circulation of blood and improves elasticity flexibility workout are.

Running time, portrait of young sports couple making cardio workout in modern gym.

Strengthening workout – For the age of 40’s muscle strengthening workout is a must. So one can go for calesthenic workout provided one to avoid dumpbell or burbels. The more one muscles are strong the more your confidence level increases the strength and power of the muscles.

Push ups-

Young powerful sportsman training push ups on floor over dark background.


Strong tattooed in white unlabeled tank t-shirt male athlete shows calisthenic moves Squat hold plank exercise

Biceps Curls

Joyful young attractive brunette dark skinned woman with casual bun hairstyle raising her hand while demonstrating her strong biceps, standing over pink background

Ashanas- Before you end with rigorous exercising one should go for few Ashanas or can down exercising for the age of 40’s to strengthen your waist line or knee.

Soumens workout only body sculpting station of India and make people do workout for the age of 40’s.Soumens workout the biggest slimming and fitness centre of Kolkata and India is specialised for the workout above the age of 40’s from last 24 yrs.

Soumen as a fitness consultant ,Article published at anandabazar patrika.

Newspaper article Anandabazar Patrika

Fitness tips by Soumen

For more information,please visit this link Soumen’s Workout article published at Anandabazar Patrika

Newspaper article Published at Anandabazar Patrika

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Fitness tips by Soumen

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