Workout for Ankilosing Spondylosis Kolkata, India

  • By Soumen Workout
  • June 9, 2022

Ankilosis spondylosis can shorten the spine and muscles in your back. Exercise is one of the best ways to manage your ankilosing spondylosis. Exercising is the only process to come out from this problem.Soumen’s workout is specialized for Ankylosing spondylosis patients.Join Soumens Workout to recover from Ankylosing spondylosis with the help of workout for ankilosing spondylosis in kolkata,workout for ankilosing spondylosis in India.

Exercise will help improve pain level and increase mobility and balance and enhance overall quality of life and health. Whether you prefer taking a daily walk or going for a regular swim its important to perform low impact exercises every week.

One can come out from Ankolysing spondylosis performing few exercise for workout for ankilosing spondylosis in kolkata,workout for ankilosing spondylosis in India named with yoga.

1. Walking – Walking or slow jogging is a must. It should not be very fast walking or high intensity jogging. Walking of 10 to 15 mins. with a slow pace or 5 to 10 mins. jogging can help you to maintain your weight and can keep your cardios to be strong.

2. Scapula strengthening workout –

Scapula strengthening is very good workout to strengthen your back and make flexibility . It also helps to stretch your spine.

3.Child’s Pose –

It is a very good exercise for your back . There is no proper cure for as patients so yoga can help you a lot. While starting these poses do it very slowly and tailor the yoga poses to your abilities.

Get onto the pose by dropping down onto your knees .Spread your knees wide and long your toes together. Sit your hips back onto your heels and neels your forehead to the ground.

4. Cow Pose –

Get on all four hands and knees with hands shoulder width apart. Allow your belly to drop towards the floor as you tip your sitting bones towards the ceiling. At the same time bring your chest forward and up while drawing your shoulder blades down.

It helps to improve the flexibility and stretching of the spine.

5. Angry Cat –

Get on all four hands and knees. Pull your navel in and up and round your spine towards the ceiling allowing your head to curl down towards the floor.

6. Bridge Pose – Lie on your back on the floor bend your knees and set your feet on the floor. Allow your arms to rest on the floor alongside your body. Push your tailbone up from your buttocks and lift them off the floor keeping your thighs and feet parallel to one another and your knees directly over your heels.

Soumen says for Ankylosing spondylosis patients should go for proper exercising from the very first day and can come out from this problem.

Soumen’s workout is specialized for Ankylosing spondylosis patients . Soumen’s workout the only body sculpting or fitness and slimming centre of Kolkata and India from last years.

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