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  • By Soumen Workout
  • February 22, 2023

There are many different ways to run, from jogging around the neighborhood to trail running or signing up for a race, and it is incredibly popular. It is not surprising that running enjoys such a devoted fan following of millions of runners worldwide. Starting can sometimes be the most difficult aspect, but once you get beyond the agony, running offers some incredible advantages that enhance both your physical and emotional well-being. Join Soumen’s Workout if you want the best results for workout for best fitness center in kolkata, workout for best slimming center in kolkata, workout for best fitness center of India, workout for best slimming center of India. It is renowned for the best fitness and slimming workouts for the last 26 years in Kolkata, and throughout India.

Benefits of running or Jogging

1) Improves Cardiovascular health: Beyond only looking good, health and wellness are important. Clearly, maintaining a healthy weight for your body is crucial, but maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system is equally important. A long and active life is largely dependent on internal health. Running has been proven to be an excellent kind of exercise for enhancing and maintaining heart health. Running can also aid in controlling your body mass index (BMI), which in turn can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

2) Reduces Stress: Running or jogging is a terrific method to release stress and anxiety. Running can help you feel more relaxed by lowering the stress hormone cortisol.

3) Improves mood: Researchers discovered that both adult and young participants’ mood symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, and stress, were improved by participation in the running or jogging programme. The researchers of the study also cited corroborating studies that showed how even one run or a jog might elevate mood. 

4) Burns calories: While working out and burning calories, the good news is that the calorie burn continues after you stop working out. Walking or running increases “afterburn,” or the number of calories burned after exercise, according to studies. Hence, all it takes is brisk walking or running to reap the rewards long after you stop exercising.

5) Helps Sleep: Running or Jogging can also lower your chances of gaining too much weight. This can subsequently reduce the likelihood of developing obstructive sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition when breathing stops briefly during sleep due to an involuntary stoppage in breathing. This results in low-quality sleep and affects the body’s oxygen supply, which is a precursor to potentially major health issues.


One of the oldest and healthiest physical activities we have at our disposal is jogging. It is straightforward, healthy, and has many advantages. Jogging does not call for a dedicated area, pricey equipment, or a gym membership. Almost everyone can perform it, regardless of age or fitness level. A great method of jogging is something known as High Knee Jogging.
High Knee Jogging: A great weight-bearing, full-body workout that raises your heart rate, warms up your lower and upper body muscles, and gets you ready for more difficult exercises and activities is the high knees exercise.

Soumen’s Workout’s Special Method of High Knee Jogging:

1) Jog on the spot without forward movement.

2) Jog on your toes.

3) While jogging exhales out the air from your mouth, which will help reduce belly fat faster.

4) 1 min high knee jogging with 5-6 reps is our recommendation.

5) Caution: Avoid high knee jogging in case of knee pain.


Running is a fantastic aerobic activity with remarkable long-term effects. It can increase your stamina and endurance while also releasing feel-good endorphins.

Types of Runs:

1) Base Running: Base running sessions, as their name suggests, increase your formal training’s basic mileage. These exercises are carried out at an athlete’s natural or comfortable speed and are often brief to moderate in length.

2) Interval Running: Running in intervals of very rapid runs followed by slower runs or rest periods is known as interval training. The ideal approach to increase your endurance, achieve any weight loss or muscle-building goals, and push your body is through interval running. The ideal strategy to fit in a run when you don’t have much time is to undertake interval training because you can achieve the same fitness goals in a shorter training period. Running intervals can also be done in a progression, where you begin slowly and gradually pick up the pace between each interval until you reach your top speed.

3) Progression Running: A progression run has a slow start and a quick finish, so you gradually pick up the pace as you go. It’s a good method to gradually increase your speed without feeling as intimidating as starting out at full speed. Extended progression runs can help you increase your stamina and mental toughness while also practicing your race pace on worn-out legs.

4) Recovery Running: A recovery run is a relatively easy-paced run that is completed within 24 hours of a challenging workout session; typically a long run or an interval workout. after rest days, the easiest training day of the week. Running for recuperation should be done at a relaxed pace, with “gentle” depending on your degree of fitness.

5) Long-Running: The long run can vary depending on the distance you’re training for, but on average, you should complete one long run per week that accounts for no more than 50% of your total weekly volume to lower your risk of injury.

6) Strides: Before and after a heavy workout and a base run, you can perform strides to establish and maintain form and power. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned runner, this form of running should be a component of your training regimen. Always keep your core tight and engaged, run on your forefoot or toes, keep your arm swing loose, and keep your shoulders relaxed and back.

7) Threshold Running: Threshold runs should be “comfortably hard”—at the fastest speed you can sustain for the allocated duration. These runs are excellent for building your speed endurance. This is about the speed at which you can finish a 5 or 10-kilometer race while only gasping occasionally for air. Every other week, switch your interval workout for a threshold run to keep things interesting.

Soumen’s Workout is renowned for workout for best fitness center in kolkata, workout for best slimming center in kolkata, workout for best fitness center of India, workout for best slimming center of India for the last 26 years in Kolkata, and throughout India.

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