6 Simple Exercises To Grow Taller Naturally

  • By Soumen Workout
  • April 18, 2022

At times children simply seem to stop growing which becomes a major concern for them and their parents. During corona time there was a major set back for the children of increase in height. They increased a lot of weight but the height remained the same. Girls can grow till they are 18 and boys can grow until they are 21. If you are below average height has to work more on their food ,sleep and proper exercising.

If you are really worried of height growth one should do more into stretching workouts for your back vertebrae or lower limbs stretching. The moment one goes the stretching workout for spinal column or stretching of limbs workout immediately the height starts growing.

5 best workouts for height growth- Soumen’s Workout

Soumen the fitness guru says 6 simple exercises to increase height very fast.

1. Jump & skip- Stand straight ,put both the hands up & lock it and now start jumping. While doing this see the elbows to straight and tight touching the head or ears.Counting 50 to 100 counting 3 to 4 times.

2. Side bending and front bending exercise:Wide open your legs and stand straight and go for side bending exercises both the sides and then both the hands to be straight above your head and bend forward and backward- 16 counting 5 to 6 sets.

3. Jumping jacks- Wide open the legs ,stand straight and jump and touch both the hands above your head. Start jumping atleast 50 jumps at a go for 5-6 times a day.

4. Sit and stretch workout- Sit straight on the ground and put the legs together and now hold both the legs and try to touch your forhead to your knees and count 20. Go for 8 to 10 times for 20 counting.

5. Ashana for height growth- Sit in a Baajra Ashan pose  and now hold both the ankles tightly and now slowly bend your body and touch your forehead to your knees and lift the hip upwards. Count 20. Do at least 6 to 8 times daily .

Soumen’s workout the biggest fitness and slimming centre of Kolkata and India is recommended for height growth naturally for small children in kolkata,India from last 24 years.

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