Workout for Mentally retarded children Kolkata, India

  • By Soumen Workout
  • February 4, 2023

Pediatricians always encourage participation in exercises and athletic programs for mentally retarded children. The right program can be a therapeutic tool resulting in better weight management, development of physical coordination, Maintenance of cardiopulmonary fitness, and improved self-esteem. Soumen’s Workout is renowned for fitness and slimming workout for mentally retarded children in Kolkata, workout for mentally retarded children in India for the last 26 years.

Mentally retarded people have serious fitness deficits compared to people who are not mentally retarded. As the level of retardation increases the fitness deficit becomes more severe and more difficult to remediate. The fitness of mentally retarded individuals can be improved through regular exercise programming. However little is known about the amt and rate of improvement possible with individuals at different levels of retardation and ages.

Fitness programs are one way to enhance the integration of retarded persons and increased fitness may ultimately result in increased productivity.

Usually, these types of children gain weight and this comes with many side effects like pressure high or cholesterol high. These children do have a problem with munching or overeating. You cannot stop their eating habits but you have to start make exercise under a proper guru who can guide them and give a proper low-intensity exercise of 20 to 30 minutes.

Soumens Workout is renowned for fitness and slimming for mentally retarded children for the last 26 years in Kolkata and throughout India.

Soumen as a fitness consultant, Article published at Anandabazar Patrika.

Newspaper article Anandabazar Patrika

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