Workout for thyroid patients Kolkata, India

  • By Soumen Workout
  • March 23, 2022

The thyroid gland plays a crucial role in regulating metabolism.

The thyroid gland present in the neck in the form of a butterfly helps to produce various hormones. Lack or excess of these hormones imbalances the body.

When the thyroid gland is not producing hormones it reflects Hypothyroidism. When excess production of hormones is called Hyperthyroidism.

If you have a thyroid problem.

1. Either the weight gains or weight reduces drastically.

2. Feels sluggish and tremendous pain throughout the body.

3. Lead to an increase in LDL and Triglyceride.

4. Mood swinging problem.

5. Muscle weakness and constipation.

If you are also suffering from the same problem do join Soumen’s workout because we are specialized in workouts for thyroid patients in Kolkata, India.

So if you want to come out from a thyroid problem exercise is a must.

Best Exercises for thyroid patients in Kolkata, India

1. Walking or Running: Walking or Running or any form of Cardio Workout is a must for thyroid patients. As hypothyroid patients increases in weight. So one has to do Cardio Workout and reduce weight. But if Hyperthyroid then jogging or running will be less.

2. Shoulder strengthening: For thyroid patients the muscles become weak and the whole body starts aching a lot. So strengthening workout like Single hand shoulder press and Double shoulder press, Tricep press is a must exercise every day.

3. Squat: For thyroid patients squatting is must exercise. It helps to strengthen your thigh muscles or the entire legs will be paining a lot and lately knees will start paining.

4. Push-ups: Push-ups are again a very good exercise for your upper torso strengthening. It strengthening your chest part, back, shoulder and triceps. A very good muscle strengthening workout for your upper torso.

Yoga: Few Ashanas this help a lot to control thyroid gland secretion.

5. Sarbango Ashana

6. Mathsha Ashana

7. Bhujango Ashana

8. Saba Ashana

Soumen’s workout, the best fitness and slimming center in India, specializes in workouts for thyroid patients in Kolkata, India. So if you really want a proper workout for thyroid do join Soumen’s workout.

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